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Use your all Cloud Storage space together

Dozens of of cloud storage are available free now-a-days. If you add them you can get hundreds of GBs storage, but to use every storage you have to visit their website or install their client program. In this way people remain use one storage site as they don’t like to install each storage’s program on their PC. So let me tell you how can you use all storage’s all together easily.

In this regard “Cloudevo” is a exemplary program. After installation of this program not only you can manage all your cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Foreshared, Box.com, Highdrive, Megadrive etc but also use them. This program save all your storage in a drive. In this way when you upload any data in it, this program automatically distribute that data in storage, but at the time of use it collect¬† and make it available for you. To get this program to to following link


cloud storage

After installation of this program you have to make an account and then you can include all your cloud storage in it.

If you want to protect your data then it is a best way to upload and backup it time-to-time on any cloud storage so that it remain safe and easily accessible to you.

Performance of “Cloudevo” is very good to transfer of data in cloud storage. It is also provides the facility of data encryption. Cloudevo is free for all platforms like Windows, Linux, Android & IOS.

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