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How to Choose the Best Computer for Graphic Design

Either you are going to learn graphic designing, started working as as Graphic Designer or you are already working as Graphic Designer and want to upgrade your PC, in this article I am going to tell you how to choose the best computer for graphic design which will benefit to all, graphics …

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How to download youtube videos and complete playlist

how to download youtube vidoes

Downloading of videos from youtube is a favorite activity of the people, and everyone want to know any easy method that is how to download youtube videos. Mostly to download a video, it requires any software or application. But there are methods by following them  videos can be download from …

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How to record Video call from Skype

Many people want to know that during the chat of their love ones, How to record Video call from Skype. There is no such option in Skype using which one can record audio/video calls of Skype. However there are third party softwares available using them this work can be done. …

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How to fill web forms automatically

fill web forms automatically

Now-a-days during use of internet we often need to fill the forms. Sometimes we close the website when it demands for form filling. So here is the easy way that how can you fill web forms automatically and quickly. If you want you can make this difficulty easier with one …

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