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Free Phone Calls and Free SMS to Free Mobile number

In this era when everyone is very busy and it is difficult for him/her to give some time to his/her family, friends etc, than phone call little bit cover this gape and connect people with each other. However phone calls are not free in many cases. But every one want to use free phone calls services. And other thing is lack of privacy. So in this article we are going to cover how can we make free phone calls with privacy.

Many internet users don’t care about their online privacy which is very dangerous. In the world of internet whenever you provide/write your email address or phone number is as if you are inviting spam email and SMS’. Now you were thinking that when it is very necessary to give your email address and phone number for contact so how can one save him from it?

Let’s talk about first email. Generally spam filters save us from spam emails, but we also have to care ourselves too. If it is necessary to write your email somewhere, don’t write your email address but use temporary email. There are several websites whom we use temporarily, but they require registration. So it is better to use a temporary email address for these kind of websites.  For creating temporary email “Yopmail” is one of the best services.

www.yopmail.com/enfree email service

Besides, you should have knowledge about email masking. Through email masking you can get a temporary email against your actual email. Every email received in this email will be sent to your actual email. When you no more require this temporary email, you can delete it. In this way your purpose will be completed and your actual email address will not be in the notice of anyone.

Now if we talk about the phone, so you have to chose Dingtone service which provides you one American number free of cost.


Dingtone is important like any other common messaging app for providing call facility and a phone number as well for both Android and IOS users. Not only you can receive a call on this number, but also send an SMS. Means without SIM you can use a cell phone and a Tablet (which has not SIM facility)  as a phone.

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