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Wipe Your Phone with a Phone Data Eraser Software

It is very necessary to remove all your data permanently from your cell phone before selling or giving it to anybody. Actually when we delete data from our cell phone with normal procedure, it remain exist in the memory and recoverable. Our very sensitive data save in our phone, so in this condition it is not a good step to give our phone in others’ hands without making sure that data in the phone is no more recoverable. So to erase all data and wipe phone is very necessary. This task can be perform efficiently with the help of any good mobile phone data eraser.

Usually people uses factory resetting option to erase all data at once, but it is not a solution of problem as the data remain available for recovery. So if you want to make this work easier, than you can use phone data eraser software of company WonderShare’s called “SafeEraser”. It provides you some good facilities. Lets talk about them.

safe eraser phone data eraser

You can not only use this software to delete files permanently from your phone, but it can also be used to delete unnecessary files/phone cleanup. For that this only erase the files you have already deleted and make empty space.

andoid wipe

If you want to delete all the data of your phone permanently, this task can also be perform with this program. But before doing that make a back up of your data, so that you don’t have to worry in future. SafeEraser is not limited to media files only, but this can also delete Call Logs, SMS, Calendar & all other personal data permanently so that it could not be recovered in future. For this purpose this program produce three different methods in which dummy data overwritten so that in the struggle of recovery your original data could not be recovered.

This program works with Computer for both Android and IOS and you can download it for Windows and Mac from the link given below:


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