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How to download youtube videos and complete playlist

Downloading of videos from youtube is a favorite activity of the people, and everyone want to know any easy method that is how to download youtube videos. Mostly to download a video, it requires any software or application. But there are methods by following them  videos can be download from youtube without using any software.

Downloading a single video form youtbe is not difficult task but downloading a complete playlist at once can be messy. We will talk about for downloading of both means a single video and a whole playlist. But before going to discuss downloading video or playlist I want to talk about a question which arises here that what is a playlist itself.? Actually playlist is a collection of videos. Means if we have ten videos on a topic and we want them to play them sequentially with a single click, so we group them in logical order which is called a playlist.

To download either a single video, or complete playlist from youtube without installing any software or application, visit following website which we can say free online youtube downloader.


After visiting this website, all you have to do is just copy the url of the video and paste it in a text filed, right click on “Download this video” button and than choose Save Link As to… to save it at your desire location as shown in below image.

how to download youtube videos
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Similarly if you want to download complete playlist just paste the url of that playlist and paste in the same way. Furthermore this website is also offer you choice of download that in which format you want to download a video.

I hope that after reading this article, you will have known that how to download youtube vidoes.

Using this website you can download not only from Youtube, but also from Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo.


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