Adobe Illustrator Tutorials – Part-1

Adobe illustrator tutorials

Welcome to Adobe Illustrator tutorials. In previous tutorial we discussed about the What is Graphics and types of Graphics In this tutorial we will talk about the creating a new document. When we crate new document by pressing Ctrl+N key from keyboard or creating it from main menu that is …

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WhatsApp video call feature introduced

whatsapp video call

Use of applications which are providing video call facility is increasing day by day. In the beginning WhatsApp deprived from WhatsApp video call facility. But now after long time finally WhatsApp has introduced video call facility. But at present this facility is available for only Microsoft Windows and Android’s Beta …

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Use of whatsapp without sim

whatsapp without sim

Now-a-days WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application due to its very useful features and easy to use functions. After installation of WhatsApp, the first step is to activate it which is possible by providing cell number. If you want to use WhatsApp without sim, that is possible, but for …

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What is VPN and how it works

what is vpn how vpn work

What is VPN VPNs are being very popular from last few years. It seems that everyone is using them. But what it is actually? If you don’t know then we are telling you. Actually Word VPN is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. Its meaning is clear from name, but …

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