What is VPN and how it works

what is vpn how vpn work

What is VPN VPNs are being very popular from last few years. It seems that everyone is using them. But what it is actually? If you don’t know then we are telling you. Actually Word VPN is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. Its meaning is clear from name, but …

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Whatsapp will introduced Video Calling facility

video call on wahtsapp

Video calling is on the very important feature now a days. There are many apps that are providing video calling feature for video chat. When it comes to Whatsapp, there is lack of video calling facility in it. However video calling facility will be introduced very soon on WhatsApp. There …

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China introduced world’s smallest Mobile phone

world smallest mobile phone

Although cell phone is a necessity of a every person now a days and every second company is introducing big mobile phones. But recently a Chinese cellular company has introduced world’s smallest mobile phone. You can hide it anywhere easily. Its width is 23.5 millimeter and length is 71.8 millimeter …

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Format SD Card using Phone

how to format sd card

To keep micro SD Card safe for long time it is necessary to format sd card time-to-time, same as cell phone is kept to set its actual speed for restoring on factory settings. After format, the SD Card became fresh and free of errors. Furthermore at the time of sale …

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Next huge thing in cell phones may be little

samsung galaxy note

Early smartphones were tremendous, so producers mixed to therapist them. At that point came the phablet development. Later on, telephone size won’t be the center and the accentuation will move to interior changes and augmentations. Amid the previous couple of years, top of the line cell phones have become logically …

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